Why Pocket Rockets?

starGold standard research, gathered internationally over many years, has clearly shown that the crucial areas for reading instruction are phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.

Research has also shown that the best route to reading success is through explicit, sequential teaching –from simple to complex-in each area

If students are unable to decode words, they cannot comprehend what they read.

Decoding-phonemic awareness and phonics- is an important foundational reading skill. Children need to be taught to tune into the words and sounds of our language (phonological skills) alongside the explicit and sequential learning of the Alphabetic Code (phonics).




Teaching students proven decoding strategies provides them with a strong basis to ensure reading success. Once children have developed their phonemic skills and phonic knowledge to the blending of  sounds to read words, they need appealing stories to practise their newly learnt skills and the Pocket Rockets are just the thing!

There are 44 imaginative stories to engage your child with humorous characters and quirky plots. They have been written specifically around the progressive learning of the sounds. Your child can successfully use emerging phonic skills to read and enjoy these fun stories.

Pocket Rockets stories:

  • follow a traditional story structure
  • are perfect for developing vocabulary and comprehension
  • improve fluency
  • inspire stimulating discussions on a variety of themes
  • promote confidence and feelings of success
  • foster a life-long love of reading!